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ITS: How to Get Around Email Restrictions

Many email systems, Yale’s included, have strict limits on the size of files that can be attached and sent via email. ITS restricts the size of email messages, including attachments that can be sent or received, to 10 MB. Increasingly, this limit is making it difficult for faculty, staff and students to conduct their work. In response, ITS is doubling the email size limit to 20MB as of May 16. We are researching the potential impact of further increases on email performance and cost in the hopes of expanding the limit even further.

If you have a need to send larger files, ITS has developed the File Transfer Facility (FTF) to help. The Transfer facility works via Web browsers and email. Files can be made available to people who do not have Yale email addresses. Non-Yale people may also deposit files for retrieval for Yale colleagues. Optionally, these files can be password protected. For practical reasons we limit the size of any individual file to 200 megabytes but you can transfer as many files as you'd like. This site is self-documenting and easy to use.

NOTE ON SECURITY: Yale FTF is an Approved Secure Electronic Messaging Option (end-to-end encryption) as per HIPAA Policy 5123 PR.1 (Electronic Communication of ePHI. FTF utilizes https, a secure web-based method for data transfer. This encryption ensures that confidential data cannot be intercepted in transit. For extra security, retrieval of the file(s) can be restricted to the intended individual by providing a username/password pair, which the recipient must know in order to retrieve the data.

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