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Mail Tips: Yale Inter-Departmental Envelopes

What kind of campus mail envelopes are you using? According to figures compiled over the past month, most are using envelopes that could delay receipt of your mail or cause it to be returned to sender.

For the past month we have been counting bundles of empty campus mail envelopes returned to us for redistribution. Of the 2,325 envelopes counted, 112 were white envelopes from the medical area and 5 were red envelopes from the Law School. Of the remaining 2,208 only a disappointing 259 were Yale University Inter-Departmental Mail envelopes that ask for the information Campus Mail needs to accurate and quickly deliver your mail! That's only 11.7 percent correct envelopes.

We found envelopes that were clear, others were neon yellow or blue, and some even asked for the name and address of the sender. Most envelopes only asked for the name and department of the recipient, omitting the critical campus address. Campus Mail requires name, department and campus address to quickly and accurately sort and distribute your inter-departmental mail.

Please help Campus Mail help you! Use only Official Yale Inter-Departmental Envelopes for campus mail. These cost less when purchased through the Central Stockroom and require the correct delivery information. Ordering is easy! Click here for the stock list and ordering instructions or just fax a Stock Request form to 4-9212:

ENVELOPE, CAMPUS MAIL manila 10x13 w/tie
100/bx BX
Stock #38445

Please use the correct envelopes!