Collaboration Produces Results

Procurement: Savings through Collaboration

A successful collaboration between Yale Stockrooms and Yale Procurement has the Yale scientific community reaping the rewards of significant savings for lab equipment/supplies and streamlined ordering through Yale’s new eProcurement solution (SciQuest). This effort came about when Stockroom Manager Joe Vellali joined Yale buyers in an intensive Purchasing Skills training program to improve campus-wide sourcing skills and to further the new vision for procurement at Yale.

“This is an excellent example of how forming strong cross-campus collaborations and consolidating our sourcing requirements can drive competition to secure excellent pricing and service from our suppliers,” states Chris Mihok, director of Purchasing Services (

When Vellali recently noticed that demand was decreasing for Corning products in the Stockroom, he applied what he learned in the program and thoroughly researched the science community’s needs. Armed with requirements, he enlisted the help of Senior Buyer Fran Consiglio, Purchasing Services. Sharing knowledge and negotiating aggressively together to secure better product selections and greater savings opportunities, Vellali and Consiglio were able to capture an additional 10.5% discount on selected Corning items. In another collaborative initiative, the duo achieved a 30% savings on pipettes.

Noting his customers’ positive reactions ¬-- “researchers are ‘blown away’ by the savings on a product that they use everyday” -- Joe says, “Even better news is that anything that the Stockroom saves further enables the completion of research at Yale.”

“Collaborating makes a big difference in our negotiating power,” comments Fran Consiglio on the partnership. “We now have better control of the product line and suppliers are more willing to drop the price when they know that we’ re collaborating and not operating as isolated customers.”

Collaborating for better pricing isn’t the only area where the Yale Stockrooms are engaged with Yale Procurement. Throughout this past year, Joe and his staff have worked tirelessly on interfacing the existing stockroom ordering process with the new eProcurement solution, “SciQuest,” which is currently being rolled out to the University by Yale Procurement. Joe reports, “we have cleared a lot of hurdles with the new system and we are moving in a common direction. The end result will be a better ordering process for everyone.“