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Course Schedule

Learning Center Course Schedule

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Course Date
What To Say & How To Say It for Supervisors and Managers Jun 1
Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation in the Workplace Jun 1
Coaching for Performance Jun 6
Buying Office & Computer Supplies/Equipment using SciQuest eProcurement Jun 6, 20
Being a Part of a Successful Team Jun 6
Pathways I Jun 6, 13, 20
Pathways II Jun 8, 15
Orbitz for Business Travel Clinic Jun 9
Buying Laboratory and Medical Supplies using SciQuest eProcurement Jun 13
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Employees Jun 14
FOCUS: Giving and Receiving Feedback for Supervisors Jun 14
FOCUS: Goal Setting for Supervisors and Employees Jun 14
Business Writing Jun 14, 20
SciQuest eProcurement Jun 15, 20, 27
Managing Stress Effectively Jun 15
Orbitz for Travel Arrangers Jun 16
Communication: Effective Listening Jun 20
What Would You Do?: Workplace Ethics Jun 21
Considering Guests with Disabilities When Planning Meetings and Events Jun 22
Expressing Yourself: The Art of Being Understood Jun 27
Developing an Exceptional Workplace Culture Jun 28
Behavioral Interviewing for Those Who Hire Jun 29
Customer Service for Front Line Service Providers Jun 29
Course Date
Pathways I Jul 24, 26, 28
Pathways II Jul 11, 12
Communication: Effective Listening Jul 13
Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives & Deadlines (SkillPath On-Site Seminar) Jul 20