Green Purchasing

Green Your Office on Earth Day, Arbor Day ... and Everyday!

In honor of these special days, please consider how Buying Recycled Paper Helps To...

Cut Waste

  • Paper accounts for 40% of all municipal waste
  • Recycled paper means less trash, lower taxes & other disposal costs

Save Energy

  • 60-70% energy savings over virgin pulp
  • The paper industry is the 3rd largest user of energy in the U.S.

Protect Natural Resources

  • The U.S. uses 100 million tons of paper a year & use is increasing
  • Each ton of recycled paper can saves 17 trees and 380 gallons of oil
  • Recycled paper uses 55% less water & helps preserve our forests
  • Recycling of waste paper creates more jobs

Reduce Pollution

  • The paper industry is one of the largest water polluters in the world
  • Recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35%, reduces air pollution by 74%, and eliminates many toxic pollutants

Please share with your office staff, more interesting facts and valuable information on how to improve environmental conditions through green purchasing.

In support of creating sustainable offices, watch our brief online presentation to learn easy methods to search for green products and create a “green favorites” shopping list online with Corporate Express, Yale’s strategic vendor for office supplies.

NOTE: If you do not already have access to shop online with Corporate Express via the Yale ePortal or SciQuest (Yale’s new eProcurement solution,) please see your business manager for details.

Visit Yale's Green Purchasing web site for more information.