Prizes & Awards Process

New Prizes and Awards Automation Process

In preparation for 2006 Commencement Student Prizes, Awards and Fellowships, please note the following:

  • Yale University Procurement has introduced a new streamlined process for submitting Check Requests for these payments to University students using a simplified spreadsheet approach that:
    • Eliminates time-consuming collection of data by using student's UPI to pull existing Banner data for name, SSN, address, etc.
    • Edits uploaded PTAEO and other data to ensure validity to cut down on errors
    • Automatically creates the necessary vendor and invoice data to make payments to save you time
    • Simplifies the process whether you have one Check Request or many to submit

To submit Check Requests via the new process and review detailed instructions, log in here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This process is for payments to students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents with U.S. addresses.

Contact: Tina Flegler at 2-5392 or Monsi Wooten at 2-3284 in Accounts Payable.