Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Transaction Processing Update

As a result of your ongoing support, the invoice backlog from January has been eliminated.  We will keep you current on our progress with year-end processing.

Please continue to use these top three best business practices in your department:

Consider the following prevention measures for the most common types of holds and bounces:

  • Supply valid VIP numbers on all appropriate transactions
  • Maintain valid VIP numbers in the Oracle VIP Manager module
  • Promote the use of SciQuest and Accuship to ensure validation of VIP number

A subgroup of our Payment Process Improvement committee is actively involved in ‘Holds Root Cause’ analysis.  Results of this work will help eliminate holds and bounces at their inception.  We expect to share the details of this work which will be published in the year-end Payment Process Improvement (PPI) initiative report.