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Mail Tips: Mail Sorting Guidelines

Following some simple guidelines can speed delivery of US and campus mail to the correct person.
• Mail is delivered by the USPS and Yale Mail Service to the address printed on the item. It is up to the department indicated by the address to properly accept, return or forward the item if it is not intended for their department. Improperly forwarded items are delayed and DELAYS COST EVERYONE.
• If mail is to be forwarded, please indicate the reason for forwarding, e.g. invoice must be authorized by department, moved, retired, deceased, etc. and where it should be forwarded to. Return to campus mail to be redirected.
• Campus mail sorted by Mail Code is delivered to the address indicated by the Mail Code. Delivery of any item sorted by a Mail Code defaults to the MAIL CODE. Once a person changes locations, it is up to that individual to assure that his or her mail code properly reflects their new, current address. Returning improperly coded mail to Yale Mail Service will not get this code corrected. Notify your Business Office of the error.
• Unopened First Class mail can be returned through the US Postal Service system without additional postage.
• Be sure mail is for your department and is going to be accepted by your department before it is opened.
• Remember to use the Junk Mail Program for all unwanted mail.