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Mail Tips: Personal Mail or Departmental Mail?

After a person leaves your department, you continue to receive mail for that person. Is it really for them, or is it for their replacement? Before you forward personal mail or return to sender check to see if the mail should be going to the new person in that position. If it is, you need to notify the sender of the new name for that piece of mail.

If it is unwanted, use our Junk Mail Program to stop it from coming to you.

Doubtful? Try this: Take a look at the postage paid to mail that piece. If it is presort standard (bulk rate) it should not be forwarded thorough Campus Mail and cannot be forwarded through US mail (without additional postage). Use the Junk Mail Program. Is the postage first class? Correct the address to keep the mail coming or use the Junk Mail Program to stop it.

Remember, if it has your address we will be doing our job when we deliver it to you. Only you can make the decision as to whether of not you want the mailing to continue.