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FSA Claims Deadline

2005 Flexible Spending Account Claims Deadline

To be reimbursed for eligible expenses from a 2005 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for either uninsured healthcare (medical/dental) or child/dependent day care, claim forms with appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Benefits Office no later than April 30, 2006.   Otherwise, any unclaimed 2005 balance will be forfeited.

Appropriate documentation must include the name of the provider, name of the person receiving the service, dates and description of services already provided (not codes) and the out-of-pocket cost. Include insurance explanation of benefits if any part of the service was covered by insurance. Dependent Care claims also should include the taxpayer I.D. number of the provider.  Providing appropriate documentation with the original submission will mean more timely reimbursements.  If a claim needs to be returned to the participant for additional information, the reimbursement will be delayed.  Reimbursements for 2005 will be included in the participant’s paycheck.

Claim forms for 2005 FSA expenses can be found online at: These claims may be faxed to (203) 432-7575, or mailed by U.S. mail to Yale University, Benefits Office, PO Box 208256, New Haven, CT 06520-8256, or delivered to 155 Whitney Avenue, Room 130.

Expenses incurred during the “grace period” extension (January 1 - March 15, 2006) which have been reimbursed from a 2005 FSA cannot be reimbursed again from a 2006 FSA. However, if the amount of the expense incurred during this “grace period” is greater than the amount that can be reimbursed from a 2005 FSA, the participant can submit the 2006 expense to ADP, claiming only the remaining difference for reimbursement from a 2006 FSA.

Questions concerning this process may be addressed to the Benefits Office by emailing or by calling 432-5550.

REMEMBER, claims for the 2006 FSA plan year, need to be submitted directly to ADP. Reimbursement checks for 2006 claims will be mailed to the participant’s home unless an arrangement has been made with ADP for direct deposit reimbursements for these expenses.  ADP claim forms may be found at the above-mentioned site and may be faxed toll-free to 866-392-4090.  ADP Customer Service number is 800-654-6695.