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Chauffeur Service

TR&S Expanded Chauffeur Service

Have a Yale chauffeur at your service for your next event. Chauffeur service is provided on campus and beyond the New Haven area.  Yale's TR&S chauffeur service extends throughout Connecticut and to area airports (J. F. K., Tweed, Bradley), railroad stations, and bus terminals as well as to Boston, New York City and Long Island, New Jersey, New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont.

With this type of chauffeur service, you are renting the entire vehicle with a driver to be at your exclusive service for the pick-up and/or delivery of person(s) and/or material(s). Do not confuse this type of chauffeur service with limo service, which has a set route with predetermined stops and picks up random passengers. This service must be scheduled well in advance by calling Gerry Apuzzo at 764-9307.

VEHICLES: We offer two 7-passenger vans.

RATES: Our rate for Chauffeur Service is $37.50 per hour, $45.00 per hour overtime, as well as $.325 per mile plus tolls and parking.

Our professional drivers will be pleased to deliver you to your destination in comfort and style. Call Gerry Apuzzo at 764-9307 to plan your next trip.