March Purchasing Skills Training

Seats Still Available for March Purchasing Skills Training

Have you considered sending your staff to Purchasing Skills Training? This class is a designed for those who have Yale purchasing responsibilities. It is a great compliment to “SciQuest” online ordering training as it provides knowledge of campus-wide sourcing skills and a common vocabulary which is essential to achieving savings success.

Topics covered:

Strategy Development - Learn how to create a winning plan that gets you more of what you want.
Industry/Supplier Analysis - Understand the key drivers that affect your negotiating position.
Total Cost of Ownership - Learn the other critical factors beyond price that drive your total cost of ownership.
Supplier Relationship - Get real techniques to help you develop and manage your supplier relationships.
Contracts - Understand the basics of contracting and contracts including Yale’s Standard Terms and Conditions.
Competitive Bidding - Learn how to leverage competition to get the best combination of price, quality and service.
Negotiations - Learn invaluable techniques and tips for success in negotiating.


Overview Session (one-day) – March 14th, 9am-4pm

Intensive Session (four-day) Mar. 15, Apr. 19, May 17 and June 26, 9am-4pm

Self-register at

Who Should Attend:
Open to all staff. Attend individually or as a team. You may take one or both classes depending on your interest level. Customized classes are available for special departmental needs.

Contact Us:

Please contact Brenda Naegel at or 432-5810 with any questions.