SciQuest Update

SciQuest Update

Here is a quick look at the status of the rollout of “SciQuest,” Yale’s new eProcurement solution:

• 100 departments/1000 users are trained and in production.
• Outreach teams are engaged with departments encountering difficulties to resolve issues and improve applications.
• Software necessary for University-wide implementation is in use or ready for use.

Current Status
• Information sessions are taking place University-wide for business managers and key staff. If you have not yet attended a session, please expect to receive an invitation shortly.
• Training and support materials are in place to support University-wide rollout.
• ITS Help Desk is engaged to provide “Tier 1” user support.
• Final issues are being resolved for record retention requirements including sponsored research issues.
• Development is underway for metrics to describe levels of utilization per department.
• Direct consulting continues with large, complicated departments.
• Group deployment workshops continue (or begin) for less complicated departments.
• Metrics and various meeting forums will be used to identify and resolve adoption challenges.
• Fully integrate application use with other financial management activities (e.g. monthly financial reviews and account holder reporting.)
• The overarching goal is for adoption of SciQuest by end of FY06.

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