Human Resource Services
Best Practices

Best Practices Initiative Gains Momentum

The University and Local 34 and Local 35 have been making progress on joint labor-management committees in departments.  These committees are working on projects that will improve productivity, customer service, and employee satisfaction.  In addition to the Animal Resources Center, Athletics, British Art Center, and Dining Services, the Library, Internal Medicine, and the Health Services have been through labor-management training and have begun to choose projects that will make an impact in their departments.  These projects serve as excellent examples of Best Practices in action.

The Library joint departmental committee (JDC) is working on developing flexible staffing solutions to better respond to cyclical fluctuations in work volume and unanticipated staffing shortages due to leaves of absence, resignations, or increased need for staff for special projects. Their goal is to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, organizational coherence, and to save money.

The Internal Medicine JDC has chosen to focus on the Dana 3 clinic.  Patient satisfaction surveys indicate that patients would like to see shorter waiting times in the clinics. The faculty, managers, and union staff are collecting time points at the various locations where patients spend time waiting.  This data collection will allow Internal Medicine to develop ways to shorten patient waiting times.

The Yale University Health Service JDC will be focusing on simplifying and improving access to health service providers – whether by telephone or by appointment.  Initially the department will be looking at how they address the needs of new members, and they will carry forward what they learn to all members.

Apart from the productivity benefits, these JDCs are building relationships between labor and management that will help shape future operational initiatives. If you would like to learn more about Best Practices, please visit the website at or contact Paula Wilson at 436-4800.