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United Way Campaign Honored

Yale's United Way Campaign Honored for Goal-Topping Campaign

Yale's 2005-2006 United Way campaign surpassed its million dollar goal, raising $1,030,000 in pledges and matching funds from 2,795 current and retired employees and students. The number of contributors nearly doubled from last year's campaign, which raised $900,000 from 1,458 donors. In recognition of the University's successful campaign, the United Way of Greater New Haven (UWGNH) recognized Yale with a "Building a Legacy" award, honored Yale campaign chair Judith Dozier Hackman as "Volunteer of the Year," and bestowed upon the Yale College Council a Community Champion Award for their annual Community Service Day. Over 40 Yale champions attended the February 14 UWGNH annual luncheon at 500 Blake Street, where the awards were presented.

During the awards program , the UWGNH noted that Yale and Hackman are "living examples of what is possible when groups of interested individuals come together for a common cause." The "Building a Legacy" award citation read, in part: "For the past two years, the officers of the University have offered a $100,000 matching gift fund to encourage new and increased United Way contributions to the University campaign. The matching funds directly benefit the United Way's Success By 6® initiative. ... The matching gift program was a major factor in this year's successful $1,000,000 campaign. Yale has built a University-wide team of over 100 'Champions,' which include strong support from Locals 34 and 35 and students, who work to spread the word about the importance of community involvement."

The UWGNH also pointed out that Yale has a long history of community involvement, specifically citing the annual campus-wide book drive as part of the "Day of Caring" (more than 10,000 books have been collected over the past three years) and the Yale College Council's annual Community Service Day. The luncheon program also touted the Yale faculty's affiliation with United Way programs, serving on the Success By 6® advisory committee and the UWGNH board of directors, among others. Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer presented Hackman with a "proclamation" from President Richard C. Levin to thank her for her service to the campaign. In turn, Lorimer, one of the University's United Way "Champions," was given a Yale United Way Guardian Angel Award from Yale College Dean Peter Salovey.