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Yale Babysitting Service - New Option for Parents

Yale Babysitting is pleased to announce that two new categories have been added for parents/guardians when posting a babysitting job:

  • Back-up/Last minute care - Parents can post any last minute babysitting jobs within 48 hours of when they need the babysitter, e.g., their regular babysitting plans have fallen through and they are expected to attend an evening panel discussion. Students registered with the Yale Babysitting Service will receive an e-mail each time a last minute/back up babysitting job is posted. NOTE: Not all students registered with the YBS have agreed to receive an e-mail notification.
  • Holiday/School Vacation Day - Parents can identify their need for a babysitter for a public or private school holiday or vacation days (for example, Presidents' Day or February vacation week).

To register or for more information go to or e-mail: