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Illegal Activity Hotline

Yale University Fraud or Illegal Activity Hotline

Last year, Yale began operating a Fraud or Illegal Activity Hotline.  The University takes compliance with laws, regulations, and University policy seriously, and has put this Hotline in place as an additional means of ensuring that suspected fraud and other illegal activity are brought to the attention of appropriate University officials, so it can be investigated and, when verified, appropriate action can be taken.  Be assured that University policy prohibits retaliation against those who make such complaints in good faith.  Please take note of the information below so you are better prepared to deal with potential fraud or illegal activity.

The toll-free Hotline phone number is: 1-866-358-3806.

When other normal contacts are not successful in addressing an issue that an employee believes may involve fraud or illegal activity, or where an employee desires anonymity, the Fraud or Illegal Activity Hotline is available to the employee to bring the concern to the University’s attention.

Again, any employee who brings an issue to the University’s attention through the Hotline or otherwise should be aware that University policy prohibits retaliation against employees who in good faith report possible compliance issues.

What should I do if I suspect a violation of the Standards of Business Conduct?

  • Review the Standards of Business Conduct and determine whether in your view there is a potential violation. []
  • Bring the potential violation to the attention of a supervisor or administrator within your organization.
  • If the supervisor or administrator is unable to address the issue to your satisfaction, refer the matter to the head of your organization (e.g., chair, dean, director or divisional head).
  • If the issue is not able to be resolved within your organization, contact an appropriate central University department. []
  • If you believe an issue concerning possible fraud or illegal activity remains unresolved after making the above contacts, or if for any other reason you’d prefer to use this option (e.g., to preserve anonymity), call the Hotline.

Key characteristics of the University’s Fraud or Illegal Activity Hotline

  • The toll-free Hotline (866-358-3806) is available to University employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.
  • Calls to the Hotline are answered by a third-party vendor, not by a University employee.
  • The employee may provide his or her name and contact information, or may choose to remain anonymous.
  • To ensure confidentiality, calls to the Hotline are not recorded or traced.

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