SciQuest/Orbitz/EMS Rollout Update

Over the past several months, the SciQuest, Orbitz and Expense Management System (EMS) project teams have worked closely together to ensure well coordinated departmental systems’ implementation. Here is a quick look at the combined status of all three initiatives:


• Pilot departments for each application are trained and in production. Success examples are available for each.
• Outreach teams are engaged with pilot departments encountering difficulties to resolve issues and improve applications.
• Software necessary for University-wide implementation is in use or ready for use.

Current Status

• Information sessions taking place University-wide for business managers and key staff.
• Training and support materials are being finalized to support University-wide rollout.
• ITS Help Desk is engaged to provide “Tier 1” user support. Planning is underway to integrate help desk role with training and other user support services.
• Final issues are being resolved for record retention requirements including sponsored research issues.
• Development is underway for metrics to describe levels of utilization per department.


• Direct consulting continues with large, complicated departments.
• Group deployment workshops continue (or begin) for less complicated departments.
• Metrics and various meeting forums will be used to identify and resolve adoption challenges.
• Fully integrate application use with other financial management activities (e.g. monthly financial reviews and account holder reporting.)
• The overarching goal is for significant adoption of all three systems by end of FY06.

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