e-Invoice Errors

Corrections to Electronic Invoices

In the last several months, Accounts Payable has received several electronic invoice files from suppliers that contained inaccurate and/or erroneous charging instructions. File formatting, charging instruction formatting and other errors at the supplier are the primary cause of this. Procurement has worked with the suppliers to correct the problems by issuing credits to your accounts since these files were processed and the charges were posted. As a result, you may notice debit and reversing credit transactions for the same supplier on your statements. The suppliers involved include: Airgas, Worldtek, and Poland Springs. Procurement continues to work with these suppliers and with the community to assure the accuracy of their billing.

As Procurement further analyzes the root cause of these and other billing problems, it finds that there are a few additional issues contributing to billing errors. Three of the more troublesome and reoccurring challenges are: data entry error on the part of the supplier, expired or invalid VIPs provided to the supplier at time of the phone-in order and suppliers storing VIPs in customer profiles. The department continues to work hard to address these issues with the suppliers and offers the following approaches and best practices for your consideration:

• Encourage ordering through SciQuest for all eligible suppliers (please visit the Suppliers link at for more information). The new Sciquest online buying solution collects and validates charging instructions and features speedy submission of your orders to the supplier within minutes of approval, saving time and money.

• Encourage and ensure the use of valid and active VIPs in your department. The use of invalid and inactive VIPs causes repeated invoicing problems in Accounts Payable and your department business office.

• Strongly encourage (as a valued customer) contract suppliers to accurately represent your charging instructions on all contract invoices and remind them NOT to store VIP numbers in customer account profiles. These best practices on their end will dramatically reduce billing rework and will ensure timely processing and payment of invoices.

Procurement believes these best practices and diligence on the part of our suppliers will significantly reduce VIP phone-order-related billing problems and rework going forward.

Should you have questions, please contact (2-2053) or (2-9980).