Purchasing Skills Training

Upcoming Purchasing Skills Training

It is once again time for distributed purchasers from across the campus to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Yale’s Purchasing Skills training program! Through this program, University participants join with Yale Procurement to develop campus-wide sourcing skills and share a common vocabulary which is essential to achieving savings success.

As a result of this training program, Procurement has already begun to see evidence of its collective efforts to build purchasing skills capabilities. Areas of purchasing that have benefited from enhanced skills include temporary labor, lab equipment, vehicles, computers, elevator maintenance and light bulb purchases, to name just a few.

During this training, attendees learn the essential principles of procurement and develop expertise in the following areas:

• Strategy Development
• Industry/Supplier Analysis
• Total Cost of Ownership
• Supplier Relationship
• Contracts
• Competitive Bidding
• Negotiations.

This training program is offered in two formats and both cover the topics mentioned above. For those who prefer a quick hit, Procurement recommends a one-day session which will be held from 9am-4pm on March 14. This is the perfect class for those with some responsibility for purchasing as part of their daily activities. Business managers, administrative staff and lab managers will find this class to be the perfect follow up to their implementation of Yale’s new eProcurement solution, “SciQuest.”

For those who prefer a deeper dive into the subject matter as well as the opportunity to apply what they have learned through an in-class project, Procurement recommends the intensive four-day session, which will be held from 9am-4pm on Mar. 15, Apr. 19,
May 17 and June 26.
This is a useful class for individuals or small work teams who are responsible for purchasing a specific commodity such as facilities needs, computer hardware/software, animal resources, etc.

Those interested in participating in this training, may self-register at Procurement is also available to provide targeted training for your staff in your department. Please contact Brenda Naegel at or 2-5810 with any questions.