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FOCUS: Yale's Performance
Management System

Get FOCUSed and Motivated in 2006

Yale’s new performance management program, FOCUS (Feedback and Ongoing Coaching for University Success) is the perfect tool for supervisors and staff to begin setting goals, giving and receiving feedback and facilitating employee development. FOCUS offers a wide variety of tools and resources including a comprehensive website, easy-to-use forms, and classes that are free and open to the entire Yale community.

A sense of accomplishment is one of the most important factors required for people to feel motivated at work. Achieving goals and getting feedback along the way gives employees that sense of accomplishment and, in turn, helps them feel more motivated and satisfied.

“Goal Setting” and “Giving and Receiving Feedback” are the two core courses in the FOCUS program offered by the Organizational Development and Learning Center. These courses are taught by Sandra LaJeunesse, an organizational development professional who has already begun using her extensive experience to consult with Yale departments. Each two-hour class is offered once a month so it can easily be incorporated into a busy schedule.

When asked how participants would benefit from her classes, Sandra commented, “Each employee has an important role in making Yale the best it can be. Most employees want to succeed and make positive contributions through their work. In teaching these courses, I find that employees welcome the opportunity to be involved in developing clear goals and want to gain clarity about performance expectations. Employees can only succeed when they know what is expected of them.”

Past course participants have said that the workshop “should be mandatory,” and agree that employees “need to be urged to view goal setting and feedback as a positive growth opportunity.”

For more information and to register for classes, visit: www.yale.edu/focus.