Human Resources
Hourly Increase Procedures

Changes in C&T and S&M Hourly Increase Procedures

The agreements between the University and Locals 34 and 35 provide for wage increases in each year of the contract. Historically, those increases occurred in January of each year. Beginning in January 2006, and for the remaining 4 years of both contracts, half the value of the increase will be paid in January and the remaining half paid effective 26 weeks later.

This year’s increases will be effective on January 22 and July 23, 2006 respectively. For the weekly payroll, the January increase will be reflected in the February 2, 2006 paycheck; for the bi-weekly payroll, the January increase will be reflected in the February 17, 2006 paycheck.

Letters are being sent to all clerical/technical and service/maintenance staff members at their home addresses informing them of their January and July 2006 wage increases. After reading the letter, employees who still have questions should contact their Business Office. Business offices will have been provided with access to reports to confirm the hourly increases, and the future increases.

If issues or concerns cannot be resolved by the Business Office, the Business office administrator should contact the department’s Generalist in Client Support, at 785-3839.