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New Postal Rates

Increase in Postal Rates and Fees

The U.S. Postal Service will increase most postal rates and fees by approximately 5.4 percent across-the-board to take effect Jan. 8.

Among the rate adjustments­the first since 2002­the single piece rate for First Class Mail will increase from 37 cents to 39 cents, and the postcard rate will increase by one cent to 24 cents.

International rates, which are determined separately from domestic prices, will be adjusted to coincide with the domestic rate changes. International rates have not been adjusted since January 2001.

Selected Rate Changes New Current
First-Class Letter (1 oz.) $.39 $.37
First-Class Letter (2 oz.) $.63 $.60
Postcard $.24 $.23
Priority Mail (1 lb.) $4.05 $3.85
Express Mail (1/2 lb) $14.40 $13.65
Express Mail (2 lb) $18.80 $17.85

Fee and Service Changes New Current
Certified Mail $2.40 $2.30
Delivery Confirmation (Priority) $.50 $.45
Delivery Confirmation(1st Class Parcels) $.60 $.55
Return Receipt (Original Signature) $1.85 $1.75
Return Receipt (Electronic) $1.35 $1.30
Money Orders (up to $500) $.95 $.90

Many departments are already streamlining processes to reduce postage costs," said George Page, Supervisor of Yale Mail Service. "Many offices, for example, no longer use the return receipt card with certified mail. Instead they log on to the USPS web site at type in their certified number and get the delivery confirmation online for free."

Mr. Page said ensuring your mailing lists are accurate and using bar codes are two of the best ways departments can save on postage costs. "Mailing lists should be scanned for unnecessary names, duplicates and incomplete addresses, and also imprint addresses and bar codes onto US mail to ensure quicker, more efficient processing and delivery of mail pieces."