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New RIS Billing System

Update: New RIS Billing System

The transition to a new RIS billing system began at the end of November and is now well underway. During the next several months fewer jobs will be billed the old way and eventually all will be billed using the new system, which both reduces the number of separate charges exported to Oracle and provides for each charge in Oracle the following helpful identifying information:
• the name and net ID of the person who placed the order
• a short description of the job
• the RIS “invoice” number

RIS has received good feedback on the new system and the new monthly statements distributed in December. Charges billed using the old system will continue to appear on Telecom monthly statements until the transition is complete. We are currently working to develop an improved statement format that will include PTAEO information.

Please contact Sue McDonald, RIS Financial Manager (, 432-7201) with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.