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How to Prevent Cold Weather Losses

Cold weather conditions can result in freeze-ups and water-line breaks, which may damage your facilities and cause disruptions to your operations.

Quickness counts. If you have a cold-weather situation or emergency, immediate action is most important to reduce the extent of damage and the length of a disruption to your department.

In the event of a loss, report any damage as soon as possible to the Risk Management office at

Please call Peter LeMay at 2-6606 if you have any questions.

Risk Management has put together some helpful hints to allow all Yale staff to “weather” the chill:

Make sure all windows are completely shut.

Do not “prop” open outside doors.

Check outside doors and windows often to make sure they remain tightly closed.

Check around for locations where water supply lines are in unheated areas such as closets or storage areas; keep the inside doors to those areas open so the heat can get in.

Keep thermostats at a consistent temperature day and night.

Keep an eye on areas that have had problems in the past, as problems are likely to occur again:
o Move computers and valuables away from problem areas.
o Keep plastic tarps on hand.
o Have mops and buckets available.
o Keep important materials off of the floor.

Establish a departmental freeze emergency plan:
o Keep a reliable watch when outside temperatures are below 20° F.
o Know where equipment and building shut-off valves are located.
o Have emergency numbers handy for Facilities, the Fire Marshal’s office, and key staff to notify in the event of a loss (see above).
o Have employees trained to respond by:
Contacting the Facilities Dept. or your Building Attendant
Protecting property from further damage
Knowing which shut-off valves control the sources of water
Having an awareness of potential problem areas