BUG Report 702a Improves Visibility
to Invoice Holds

BUG Report 702a Improves Visibility to Invoice Holds

Business Offices no longer have to wait for a hold notification from AP Holds to know what transactions are on hold. The BUG 702a AP Holds report shows all invoices on hold for your department. You may also use Procurement Inquiry to view the image of a transaction and then send an email to with charging and approval to release an invoice from hold.

To determine the appropriate course of action for the particular hold type, review the Invoice Holds Description and Resolution worksheet available on the Procurement web site For assistance with invoice holds, please contact

Helpful Tip: To view an invoice image in Procurement Inquiry, click on link on the Invoice Detail screen to “View Image” at the bottom of the right column above the PTAEO lines. When asked if you want to open or save the file, click “Open.”

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