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Employee Contribution for Individual Coverage with Yale Health Plan

Effective July 1, 2010, an employee contribution for individual coverage with the Yale Health Plan will be introduced for faculty and M&P staff members earning above $83,000. The monthly pre-tax contribution will be calculated on a sliding scale.

Examples of Employee Contribution for Individual Coverage with Yale Health Plan

If your annual salary is …

 Your monthly contribution is…

Click here to view the updated Benefits Calculator for July 2010.


How much do affected faculty and staff members currently pay and what is a “sliding scale?
Currently, faculty and staff members who make over $83,000 do not pay a contribution for individual coverage under Yale Health Plan, but do contribute for dependent coverage.  A sliding scale means that as your income increases from $83,000 to $110,000, your payroll contribution increases.  For example if your salary is $92,500, then your contribution would be half way between that paid at $90,000 and $95,000.  The examples in the chart are approximations; for an exact amount please use the July 2010 Benefits Contribution Calculator.

Will there be changes to family plans?

Can I drop or change my YHP coverage?
Yes, this would be considered a “qualifying event” that allows you 30 days to drop your coverage or make an appropriate change in coverage.

Are these payroll contributions pre-tax?
Yes, contributions for individual coverage would be pre-tax and thus save you federal, state, Social Security (FICA), and Medicare taxes.

Does this affect my Aetna individual coverage?
No, individuals covered under Aetna already have pre-tax payroll deductions for their coverage.