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Sick Time Policy for Police Supervisors & Police Command Staff

Paid sick days provide income protection when employees are ill, injured or caring for an ill family member (e.g. child, spouse, parent, parent-in law and same-sex domestic partner). This time cannot be used for other purposes. If faced with an extended period of illness or injury, the employee may apply for an unpaid disability leave and/or the Long-Term Disability benefit (see Disability section).


Any regular employee scheduled to work 20 hours or more each week is eligible for sick time with pay; additionally, an employee may also use sick time to care for a family member (see the Expanded Sick Time Policy). Paid sick days are computed at the normal base rate of pay.

Eligible part-time employees scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week are paid for sick days on a pro-rated basis.

Annual Allowance and Accumulation

The annual sick day allowance for eligible employees is 9 days and is an advance entitlement available for use at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1st). Any unused sick days in a fiscal year are also carried forward to the next fiscal year and succeeding fiscal years as follows:

The maximum Sick Day carryover is 50 days. For staff hired before July 1, 2010, the maximum Sick Day carryover is the number of unused sick days carried over from the previous fiscal year or 50 days, whichever is greater.

In the fiscal year of hire, new employees will receive a pro-rated amount of 9 sick days when they start, based on the number of months during the fiscal year in which they have been employed at least 15 calendar days.

Part-year employees will receive a pro-rated amount of 9 sick days on their first working day of the fiscal year based on the number of months during the fiscal year in which the employee is scheduled to work at least 15 days.

Employees who exhaust their sick day allowance and need additional days may use Paid Time Off (PTO) or apply for a disability leave of absence.

Reporting Absences Due to Illness

Employees are expected to report all absences due to illness or injury directly to their supervisors or department heads and should indicate probable length of absence so that schedule adjustments may be made.

Employees absent for prolonged periods should communicate with their supervisors weekly. Sick time can be used in increments of 1/2 day or full days only.

Medical Certification or Examination

Supervisors may require certification of illness from an employee's physician or a medical examination with another physician to verify the need for continued absence.

To be certain that an employee's health permits his or her safe return to work, the University may require medical certification or an examination by Yale University Health Services in appropriate cases.