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Postdoctoral Fellows Medical Plan Options


In order to enroll in a medical or dental plan, you must be scheduled to work at least 50% of the time. For more information, please review:

2015 Medical Plan Comparison Chart
2015 Rates Information


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ANNUAL ENROLLMENT: If your medical benefits are currently subsidized and are not changing for 2015, you do not have to complete a 2015 Subsidy Form – your subsidy will automatically be adjusted to reflect any applicable increase in 2015 medical premiums. If you do not currently have a subsidy and expect to receive one for 2015, or if you are changing your coverage, please complete a 2015 Subsidy Form and submit it to your department by January 9.

PDF Healthcare Subsidy Form - 2015

Plan Documents

Yale Health and Aetna Plan Documents are available here. They include:

  • Schedule of Benefits – Provides information about covered services, co-pays, how much you’ll pay out of pocket for services, etc.
  • Benefit Plan – Provides information about coverage exclusions (what’s not covered), in- and out-of network benefit coverage, the claims appeals process and other important plan information.