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Personal Time - C&T

C&T employees hired before 7-1-09
A full-time, regular C&T employee hired before 7-1-09 may use up to four days per fiscal year for personal business. Part-time, regular employees who are scheduled to work 20 hours or more each week are entitled to personal business days on a prorated basis. Full-time, part-year employees receive three personal business days; these days are prorated if they have a part-time schedule of more than 20 hours.

  • An employee should give his or her supervisor as much advance notice of the absence as possible.
  • Personal business days do not accumulate from year to year.
  • Employees are eligible for paid personal business days after three months of continuous employment.
  • Personal business days cannot be used to extend a vacation except by mutual agreement of the employee and the employee's supervisor.
  • Personal days not taken are not counted in computing terminal vacation pay.

C&T employees hired after 7-1-09
C&T employees hired after 7-1-09 do not receive personal days.



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