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C&T, S&M and Security Medical Plan Options

Your Medical Plan Option

You can select the Yale Health Plan offered by Yale HEALTH or waive coverage altogether if you are covered under another plan (for example, a spouse’s plan). 

For more information, please review:

2014 Medical Plan Comparison Chart
2014 Rates Information

2015 Medical Plan Comparison Chart
2015 Rates Information

Aetna Plan Documents are available here. They include:

  • Schedule of Benefits – Provides information about covered services, co-pays, how much you’ll pay out of pocket for services, etc.
  • Benefit Plan – Provides information about coverage exclusions (what’s not covered), in- and out-of network benefit coverage, the claims appeals process and other important plan information.

If you have at least 3 years of service, or you were hired before July 1, 2009, you have an additional medical plan option:

You can choose from the following medical plan options: Yale Health or Aetna Select. If you are covered under another plan, such as a spouse's plan, you can waive coverage altogether.