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Course Listing

HNDI 115a/ HNDI 115b Elementary Hindi.
An in-depth introduction to modern Hindi, including the Devanagari script. Through a combination of graded texts, written assignments, audiovisual material, and computer-based exercises, provides cultural insights and increases proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Hindi. Emphasis placed on spontaneous self-expression in the language. No prior background in Hindi assumed.

HNDI 130a, Intermediate Hindi I.
First half of a two-term sequence designed to develop proficiency in the four language skill areas. Extensive use of cultural documents including feature films, radio broadcasts, and literary and nonliterary texts to increase proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Hindi. Focus on cultural nuances and various Hindi literary traditions. Emphasis on spontaneous self-xpression in the language. After HNDI 115 or equivalent.

HNDI 131b, Intermediate Hindi II.
Continuation of HNDI 130a, focusing on further evelopment of proficiency in the four language skill areas.
After HNDI 130a or equivalent

HNDI 140a, Advanced Hindi.
An advanced language course aimed at enabling students to engage in fluent discourse in Hindi and to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of formal grammar. Introduction to a variety of styles and levels of discourse and usage. Emphasis on the written language, with readings on general topics from newspapers, books, and magazines. Prerequisite HNDI 131b or permission of instructor.

HNDI 157b, Hindi in the Diaspora.
An advanced language course focused on reading and discussion. Development of overall proficiency in the language and knowledge of issues affecting the Hindi-speaking diaspora through exposure to selected Hindi literature and popular culture including film, theater, and news reports.

HNDI 198a & HNDI 198b, Advanced Tutorial.
For students with advanced Hindi language skills who wish to engage in concentrated reading and research on material not otherwise offered by the department. The work must be supervised by an adviser and must terminate in a term paper or its equivalent. Permission to enroll requires submission of a detailed project proposal and its approval by the language studies coordinator.
Prerequisite: HNDI 140a or permission of instructor.

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