Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
F. Michael Higginbotham
The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton
Ernest Rubenstein

Drew S. Days III
Dean Anthony T. Kronman

Cynthia D. Johnson, Co-Chair
Reshma M. Saujani, Co-Chair
Riva Khoshaba, Publicity
Heather Lewis, Fundraising
Becky Monroe, Symposium
Intisar Rabb, Registration
Damara Griffth, Onsite Registration

sponsored by
The Black Law Students Association of
Yale Law School
Spring, 2002

Race, Values, & the Criminal Justice System
This panel will explore the intersection of criminal and civil right law in such issues as racial profiling, minority overrepresentation, and police brutality.

Race, Values, Gender, & Sexuality
Race and gender are two modes of analysis that have altered how the law is conceptualized. This panel will examine issues raised when these paradigms "intersect.

Race, Values, & the Judiciary
The presence of blacks in the judiciary has changed the way law and justice making are conceptualized. Yet, potential black jurists continue to face challenges in the nomination and confirmation process. What is the role of diversity in the American judiciary? How does such diversity affect the administration of justice?

Race, Values, & Democracy
This panel will explore how does race and racism challenge our conception of democracy at home and abroad

Race, Values, & the Academy
From faculty to pedagogy, from methodology to curriculum, this panel will discuss challenges that African Americans continue to face in higher education.

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