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Rwanda Base Map

Rwandan Genocide Project

Director: David J. Simon

Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda, ed. Susan E. Cook, YCIAS/GSP Monograph Series No. 1, 2004. Chapters

Satellite Maps of Rwanda Before and After the 1994 Genocide

Indications of Genocide in the Bisesero Hills, 1994

Rwandan Genocide Perpetrators Database (preliminary beta version)

Rwandan Genocide Victims Database (preliminary beta version)

"Ten Years after Rwanda"

Rwandan Genocide Project Personnel

Other GSP-sponsored research on Rwanda

Charles Mironko, GSP Associate Director, PhD dissertation: Social and Political Mechanisms of Mass Murder: An Analysis of Perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide, Yale University, Department of Anthropology, submitted March 2004.

Philip Verwimp, GSP Visiting Fellow (1999, 2002-04), PhD
dissertation, Development and Genocide in Rwanda: A Political Economy Analysis of Peasants and Power under the Habyarimana Regime, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 2003.

Philip Verwimp, Development Ideology, the Peasantry, and Genocide: Rwanda Represented in Habyarimana's Speeches, (GSP Working Paper No. 13, 1998)

Philip Verwimp, Foreign Intervention in Rwanda on the Eve of Genocide (1990-1993): A Game Theory Model (GSP Working Paper No. 6, 1998)

Réné Lemarchand, Genocide in the Great Lakes: Which Genocide? Whose Genocide ? (GSP Working Paper No. 3, 1998)

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