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Rescuers of Genocide Victims

Rwandan rescuers

In Rwanda in 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Habineza successfully hid a family
for months in a house Joseph built and camouflaged.
Photo by Riccardo Gangale, courtesy Leora Kahn.


GSP Interdisciplinary Colloquia on Rescuers, 2008 and 2009:

2008 Colloquium:
"Rescuers of Genocide Victims: Research Perspectives for the Future"

GSP-Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics 2009 symposium
"Genocide, Rescue and Prevention: Understanding and Fostering Rescue Behavior in the Face of Mass Killing"
(May 8, 2009).

See the report on this symposium in Bioethics at Yale, 2009-10, pp. 98-101.

See the Conference Program and a description of the GSP/Bioethics project here.

GSP-sponsored research:

Mette Bastholm Jensen, PhD dissertation, Solidarity in Action: A Comparative Study of Rescue Efforts in Nazi-occupied Denmark and the Netherlands, Yale University, Department of Sociology, 2007.

Courage of ordinary heroes on show to stop genocide,” The Australian, July 21, 2012.

Historical Analyses of Rescue

"The Rescue of Norwegian Jews," by Ragnar Ulstein (1985)

Documents on Rescue Efforts

Bibliography on Rescue Behavior

New Publications on Rescue Behavior

Narratives of Rescue

Malka Czismadia (Hungary)
André Trocme (France)
Thérèse Nyirabayovu (Rwanda)

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