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Past Seminar

Rwandan rescuers

In Rwanda in 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Habineza successfully hid a family
for months in a house Joseph built and camouflaged.
Photo by Riccardo Gangale, courtesy Leora Kahn.

Genocide Studies Program (1998-2010)

Genocide, Modernity, and Resistance II

Spring 2010 GSP seminar series
Thursdays 1.30-3.20 p.m.,
ISPS conference room B012, 77 Prospect St., New Haven
Open to the public

In Memoriam: Alison Des Forges

January 28


Gerd Hankel, Senior Research Fellow, International Public and International Criminal Law, Hamburg Institute for Social Research The Notion of Genocide and its Implications for Reconstructing Society: the Rwandan example

February 11
[N.B. 7 pm,
WL Harkness Hall, rm 119]

Film Screening
Hidden Sorrows: the Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during
World War II
A new film by Michelle Kelso and Alexandru Alexe  
(Ms. Kelso will speak and answer questions after the screening)

February 25

Prof. Nathan Stoltzfus, Florida State University
Protest and Resistance against Nazi Genocide:
History and Memory of Intermarriage

March 4

Prof. Adam Tooze, History Department, Yale
The Holocaust, Industrialism and Modernity

March  25 

Paul Lowe, London College of Communication
Picturing the Perpetrator: The Arrest of Josef Kramer, Commandant of Belsen, April 1945

April 1

Film Screening
René and I (http://jewishfilm.org/Catalogue/films/reneandi.htm)
A film about two “Mengele Twins” at Auschwitz,
produced by Leora Kahn
(Ms. Kahn will speak and answer questions after the screening)

April 15

Prof. Carina Ray, History, Fordham University
Darfur and the Crisis of Governance in Sudan

GSP Visiting Fellows, 2009-10:
Socheata Poeuv, Director, Khmer Legacies
Leora Kahn, Director, Proof: Media for Social Justice

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