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"Political history is made up of three parts. The first consists of the industrious study and collation of documents; the second is topographical and includes the survey of cities, places, rivers, harbours, and in general the special features of land and sea and the distances of one place from another; while the third is concerned with political activity".

- Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire, Book XII, 25e.

World Map showing GSP Research Projects

GSP World Map of Colonial Genocides

Maps of Cambodia before and after the 1975-79 genocide

Maps of East Timor from 1972 to 2000

Satellite Maps of Rwanda before and after the 1994 genocide

Conflict and Genocide in Former Yugoslavia, 1991-1995

Auschwitz from the Air, 1944

Satellite Images of Guatemala before and after the 1981-83 genocide

Satellite Images of Bosnia before and after the 1993-95 genocide

Satellite Images of Sudan before and after the genocide began in 1982

Satellite Mosaic of Papua (Indonesia) in 1990


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