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Violence and Genocide in Guatemala

By Victoria Sanford
Senior Research Fellow
Institute on Violence and Survival, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology, Lehman College, City University of New York

CHART 1(Responsibility for Acts of Violence)
CHART 2 (Ethnicity of Victims)
CHART 3 (Northern El Quiche – Total Number of Victims)
CHART 4 (Number of Massacres-Northern El Quiche)
CHART 5 (Average Number of Victims per Massacre)
CHART 6 (El Quiche Data)
CHART 7 (Command Responsibility by Percentage of                 Massacre Victims
CHART 8 (Massacre Victims in Salama and Rabinal)
CHART 9 (Number of Massacre Victims-Rabinal)
CHART 10 (Percentage of Massacre Victims By Gender)
CHART 11 (Responsibility Under Last Year of Lucas Garcia)
CHART 12 (Responsibility Under Rios Montt)
IMAGE in CHART 13 (Chapel in memory of victims of the                 1982 Plan de Sanchez massacre in Baja Verapaz)

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