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Yale East Timor Project

East Timor map

UN-sponsored Truth Commission Verdict on East Timor:
"Extermination as a Crime Against Humanity"

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Dili burning, September 8, 1999
Violence by Fire in East Timor, September 8, 1999
Other Satellite Images of East Timor, 1972-2000
Map of East Timor's Districts and Resistance Sectors, 1975-99

East Timor Leaders, 1974

Articles on East Timor by Ben Kiernan

"The Demography of Genocide: Cambodia and East Timor" (Critical Asian Studies, 35:4, 2003)

War, Genocide and Resistance in East Timor and Cambodia
(dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

"Cover-up and Denial of Genocide" (Critical Asian Studies, 34:2, June 2002)

Other East Timor Project Publications

"Psychiatric Morbidity Associated With Human Rights Abuses in East Timor"

Recommended Further Reading

Yale Law School Project Representing Children Worldwide/Timor-Leste

Laura Meitzner Yoder, Adat: Community Life in the Oecusse Enclave

Carmel Budiardjo and Liem Soei Liong, The War Against East Timor, London, Zed, 1984.
Burr, William, and Michael L. Evans, eds. East Timor Revisited: Ford, Kissinger and the Indonesian Invasion, 1975-76, National Security Archive, Washington, D.C., 2001
Peter Carey, historical introduction to Generations of Resistance: East Timor, with photographs by Steve Cox, London, Cassell, 1995.
Peter Carey, “Third-World Colonialism, the Geração Foun, and the Birth of a New Nation: Indonesia through East Timorese Eyes, 1975-99,” Indonesia 76 (Oct. 2003), 23-67.
Peter Carey, “East Timor under Indonesian Occupation, 1975-99,” in Handbook on Terrorism and Insurgency, ed. Andrew Tan. Malvern, 2006.
James Dunn, Timor: A People Betrayed, Milton, Qld., Jacaranda, 1983.

Helen M. Hill, Stirrings of Nationalism in East Timor: Fretilin 1974-1978, Sydney, Otford, 2002.
Jill Jolliffe, East Timor: Nationalism and Colonialism, St. Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 1978.

Arnold S. Kohen, From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor, New York, St. Martin's Griffin, 1999.

John G. Taylor, East Timor: The Price of Freedom, London, Zed, 1999

Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers: East Timor, Indonesia, and the World Community

East Timor's Political Parties, a guide by Pat Walsh (2001)

Gendercide Watch: Case Study on East Timor

Human Rights Watch: April 1999 Report on Indonesia and the Militias

Tribunal Documentation

Tapol report, East Timor under the Indonesian Jackboot

East Timor's Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation (CAVR)

UC Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center, "East Timor and Indonesia" tribunal documents

David Cohen's report to the ICTJ on the Jakarta trials

"Truth Commission for East Timor ?" (Jakarta Post, Jan. 10, 2005)

ICTJ 2008 Report on the Commission of Truth and Friendship


The Yale East Timor Project (Microsoft Word document)


Annual Report 2001

Reports 2002-2004


'Life After Genocide' (Yale Alumni Magazine, Nov.-Dec. 2003)


Bishop Paul Moore, Jr.


'East Timor: Indonesia's Actions 'Genocide,' says expert'


"Situation in East Timor a Tragedy" (Yale Daily News, Nov. 18, 1999)


"Experts Discuss East Timor" (Yale Daily News, March 7, 1997)


"Reporter Charges U.S. Officials with 'Genocide' Support" (Yale Daily News, Oct. 31, 1995)


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