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Indigenous Genocide in the Amazon Region

(Acknowlegements to Survival International)

Brazil Moves to Prevent ‘Massacre’ of Amazon Tribe” (Guardian, August 9, 2011)

“Guard post for uncontacted Indians over-run by ‘drug traffickers’” (Survival International, August 8, 2011)

The Economist, “Trees or Oil” (July 4, 2009):
“Though half of Ecuador lies in the Amazon basin, its rainforest is shrinking faster than in neighbouring countries (by 1.67% a year). It has been ravaged by logging, poachers and oil extraction . . . Native tribes have been uprooted, forced deeper into the forest or have disappeared” (p. 47).

New York Times on Brazil’s Kamayurá people (July 25, 2009):
“An Amazon Culture Withers as Food Dries Up: A Tribal Extinction is Feared as the Rainforest Falls” (pp. 1, 8).

Dramatic Video Shows Attack on Indian Village (June 2008)

"Bishop warns of genocide of uncontacted Indians"

Survival International on the threats facing the uncontacted Indians of Rio Pardo, Mato Grosso State, Brazil:

Rio Pardo: "Top officials accused of genocide of Indians"

The Tupi-kawahyb people:
"Brazil Fears an Isolated Indian Tribe Has Been Victim of Genocide," by V.A., Brazzil Mag, 1 December 2005

Piripkura people of Colniza district, Mato Grosso:
"Real Risk of Genocide for Uncontacted Tribe" (Nov. 20, 2008)

Rondônia: The Uru Eu Wau Wau people
"Massive Invasion of Isolated Indians' Land"

Akuntsu people:
"Tribe's Last Six Survivors Speak of Genocide"

"The Akuntsu's Last Dance" (narrated by Julie Christie)

Tanaru Indigenous Territory:
"Land for Last Survivor of Unknown Amazon Tribe"

Ukarangma people:
"Arara Indians under 'threat of extinction'"

"Arara Indians Fight Bullets and Bulldozers"

"Our land is now an island and we are surrounded"

"Nukak Tribe: 'We are being wiped out'"

15 isolated or uncontacted tribes 
News stories

Waorani people: "Indigenous leaders recalls 'terrible consequences' of first contact" (Nov. 28, 2008)

Aboriginal films from around the world

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