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Helpful Hints About
Requesting a No-Cost Extension

Federal Awards:

Most federal agencies have delegated the responsibility for approving no-cost extensions for grants to the institution. NSF, NIH, ARO, AFOSR, NEA, NEH, DOE and DOED allow us to internally approve a one-time request to extend the end date of the project period up to an additional 12 months.

Note: Other federal agencies, including ONR, still require agency approval for no-cost extensions. Follow the procedure for Non-Federal Awards below.

Procedure for internal approval: PI must route an email through his Business Office to the appropriate GCA Team requesting the no-cost extension (NCE). Email should contain the following information:

  • PI name
  • department
  • telephone #
  • sponsor name
  • Yale account #
  • award title
  • current expiration date
  • requested termination date
  • justification for the extension.

Exception for NSF awards: NSF requires that notification of extensions be submitted via FastLane. The PI or department administrator should initiate the notification procedure through FastLane, then push the Submit to SRO button to alert GCA that a notification is waiting to be processed. An email should also be sent to the appropriate GCA Team mailbox to alert the team of this request. Once the request has been processed, GCA will forward the notification to NSF via FastLane.

Explanation: Funds remaining in the account is not a justifiable reason for requesting an extension. Extensions may be requested only for programmatic reasons (such as the work took longer than expected). However, it is appropriate to state that sufficient funds remain in the account to support the project for the additional period of time.

Timing: The agency must be informed about the extension no later than 10 days prior to the original expiration date. Therefore, requests for extensions should be processed at least two weeks before the grant period ends.

Non-Federal Awards:

To request a no-cost extension from a non-federal sponsor or from a federal agency, such as ONR, that requires agency prior approval for extensions, the PI should write a letter to the Program Officer stating the reason why an extension is necessary.

The letter should clearly indicate the sponsor’s award number and the requested expiration date. The letter should be forwarded to the appropriate GCA Team mailbox for review and counter-signature. When approval for the extension is received from the sponsor, ASU will process the award modification.

Explanation: Funds remaining in the account is not a justifiable reason for requesting an extension. Extensions may be requested for programmatic reasons only. Some sponsors may request information about the amount of funds remaining in the account and others may request a budget indicating how funds remaining at the end of the original project period will be spent during the extension. When in doubt, consult the original award and/or GCA.

Timing: The letter requesting approval for a no-cost extension must reach the sponsor well before the expiration date in order to allow the sponsor time to process the request and inform Yale of the approval before the project period ends.

Last update: August 19, 2009 (MS)