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Scholar Awards Program

Yale University seeks applications from biomedical and science and technology faculty for Scholar Awards—those awards for which Yale has been invited to nominate a limited number of candidates.

Most competitions are open to applicants from departments throughout Yale University. A number of the competitions are limited by the sponsors to physicians or to researchers in specific areas of medicine.

To facilitate selection of our best candidates, the School holds an internal competition for each of the 30+ Scholar Awards. The Scholar Awards and the Funds & Fellowships Committees review internal applications and select Yale's nominees for external competitions.

Nominees are asked to prepare a final proposal which is submitted to the sponsoring agency after formal review by the Office of Grant & Contract Administration.

We'd be delighted to add your name to our Scholar Awards announcement list. Send a brief note to melanie.smith@yale.edu to receive e-mail notifications throughout the year.


Last update: September 21, 2012 (MS)