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Scholar Awards Program
Internal Competition Procedures

Yale University seeks applications from faculty for Scholar Awards — those awards for which Yale has been invited to nominate a limited number of candidates. Although a number of the competitions are limited by the sponsors to physicians or to researchers in specific areas of medicine, most competitions are open to applicants from departments throughout Yale University, and are not limited solely to investigators from the School of Medicine.

To facilitate selection of our best candidates, the University holds an internal competition for each of the 38+ Scholar Awards. The Scholar Awards Committee reviews internal applications and selects the scholars who will be nominated for the external competition.

Candidates are required to include with their application a fully-completed FACE PAGE, available here as a fillable PDF.

NEW: Internal applications must be submitted electronically by the deadline specified in the Scholar Award Competition announcement. Submit your application -- including a scanned version of your letter of recommendation and your completed FACE PAGE -- as a single file -- in Word or PDF format to: melanie.smith@yale.edu AND to grantsmd@yale.edu.

The internal application must include the following items, in the order listed:
Application format requirements:
  11-pt Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, or Palatino Linotype font, single-spaced, 1" margins

  • FACE PAGE  (a fillable PDF form)
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV)  (two page maximum)
    or 2-page NIH Biographical Sketch
  • List of all current and pending support, including information on costs.
    (if none, state none)
  • A brief description of your proposed research project **
    (two page maximum)
    References may be provided on one additional page.
  • A letter of recommendation from your Department Chair
    or if more appropriate, from your Section Head, Program Director, or Mentor
    (Letter must be on Yale letterhead and signed.
    Scan letter into Word or PDF only for your application document.)

NOTE: All applications received are acknowledged to the applicant. If you have not received acknowledgement of receipt of your application within one week of submission, please contact the Scholar Awards Program coordinator (Melanie Smith) immediately to confirm receipt.

Incomplete applications, applications from candidates ineligible for the competition, and applications not in the required format will not be forwarded to the Committee. The Scholar Awards Committee will review applications received by the deadline and will select Yale's nominee(s). All applicants will be notified of the Committee's decision as soon as possible after the Committee review.

Full agency guidelines and application forms will be provided to the nominee(s) selected by the Committee.

**Tips for preparing your two-page description

  • The description should summarize your project succinctly, outlining its importance and its relevance to the specific competition for which you are applying.
  • It should provide a broad overview of the project, the goals, the hypotheses to be tested, and approaches and techniques to be used.
  • You will want to outline briefly the specific aims, i.e. the things you plan to accomplish during the project period; be sure to describe concisely the research design and the methods to be used in the project.
  • Avoid jargon.
  • Do not assume that the application will be read and critiqued by reviewers in your own field of study. Remember that the application will be read and reviewed by a panel of physicians and scientists with expertise across a broad spectrum of medicine and science.
  • When you're finished writing the two-page description, ask someone outside your specialty to read your description to make sure that it is intelligible to a physician or scientist working in an area of research other than your own.

Good Luck!

For further information, contact:
Melanie Smith, Manager
Funding Resource Center
Office of Grant and Contract Administration
47 College Street, Suite 202
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 785-4978 • E-mail: melanie.smith@yale.edu

For internal deadlines for upcoming Scholar Award Competitions, go to: http://www.yale.edu/grants/funding_info/deadlines.html


Last update: June 13, 2014