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Every spring, the YTC accepts applications from graduate students who want to serve as YTC follows the following year. Graduate and professional school students with at least one semester of teaching experience at Yale are eligible to apply. Selection is based on teaching experience, success, and a demonstrated ability to assist others in their teaching. We expect all of our fellows to attend staff training, which is held over several days in August.

Not everyone who works with the YTC is a fellow. In many cases, graduate students and faculty members have collaborated with the YTC to bring workshops, speakers and resources to the TFs and faculty members in their department. In addition, each year graduate students participate in YTC events, serving on panels, presenting innovations, sharing their experiences, and serving as guides and role models to future teachers. Graduate students and faculty are encouraged to contact to discuss opportunities for presenting an aspect of their teaching experience to the Yale community or creating a department-specific workshop or series on teaching.