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Graduate School Assembly Update

The Graduate Student Assembly’s Facility and Healthcare Committee (FHC) has been busy working on increasing gym hours, communicating graduate students’ needs regarding the upcoming HGS renovations, and advocating for healthcare while outside the New Haven area.

  • Gym. FHC is currently compiling a joint report with GPSS on the usage of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. We are advocating for better hours and more access to gym facilities. If you have any recommendations, please email Mark Redmond.
  • Renovations. FHC has convened an HGS renovation planning committee to collect information from the graduate student body. If you have ideas about how you’d like to see HGS renovated, please email Nicholas Torsiello.
  • Health Coverage. We are excited to report that due to successful advocacy from your representatives, Yale will soon be providing health insurance to students while in the United States, but outside of the New Haven area. The details are being worked out in the Student Coverage Task Force (SCTF). For further information, comments, and feedback, please contact GSA SCTF Representative Jake Musser. A joint committee with the GPSS is currently working on improving the Dental Plan.

In other news, we will continue running the highly successful coffee voucher program, “Common Grounds.” Each GSAS student is eligible for two free $8 vouchers, when accompanied by a Yale faculty or staff member. The vouchers can be redeemed at Blue Dog Cafe (HGS), Thain Family Cafe (Bass Library), KBT Cafe (Science Hill), Marigold’s (School of Medicine), and Grounds (Becton) and are good until June 30, while supplies last. To get a voucher, email the GSA treasurer from your Yale email address and include your name, program, year of study, and the number of vouchers you want. Vouchers will be available at the front desk in HGS 140.

Finally, the next Legal Aid Ask-A-Lawyer Session will be held on April 4 at 5:30 pm in HGS 119 (320 York Street). Students can sit down with a member of the New Haven County Bar Association for free, one-on-one advice about any and all legal questions. We are pleased to announce that an immigration lawyer will be present at this session. Coffee, tea, and cookies will be provided.

— Tolulope Olugboji (Geology & Geophysics), Publicity Chair, GSA