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Third Annual Graduate Student Mentoring Workshop, May 14

The Graduate School Alumni Association (GSAA) Executive Committee will host the Third Annual GSAA Mentoring Workshop on Tuesday, May 14. This popular workshop is designed to help students think creatively about career options. It is part of the GSAA’s outreach efforts to support current graduate students and to engage alumni in advising and mentoring younger colleagues still on campus. This year’s workshop is being expanded to a full-day program that will include practical break-out sessions to help students prepare for job searches ranging from traditional academic positions to roles in government, industry, and the non-profit sector. The event is open to all students in the Graduate School. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks. For more information about the GSAA, including a list of members of the GSAA Executive Committee and Board, please visit its website.

Volunteer to Serve on the Alumni Board

The GSAA Executive Committee, the alumni leadership board for the Graduate School, is seeking alumni who would like to serve a three-year term beginning July 1, 2013. The board consists of twenty alumni members, four officers, four or more ex-officio voting members, and two non-voting advisory trustees. Six or seven new members are selected by the GSAA each year at our spring meeting from a list of volunteers.

The Committee meets twice a year in New Haven with the Dean and AYA alumni relations staff on projects to engage Graduate School alumni with current students, fellow alumni, and the University. GSAA leaders also create their own projects and play an active role in events held for Graduate School alumni in their local regions. Six GSAA officers and members serve on the Wilbur Cross Medal Selection Committee each year.

GSAA members also serve as delegates to the AYA Fall Assembly representing the Graduate School.

Alumni of all years, academic disciplines, professions, and geographic locations are represented on the GSAA board.

If you are interested in serving the Graduate School in this capacity, email Julia Downs at the Association of Yale Alumni. Please include a paragraph or two about yourself – your current activities and interests, and why and how you would like to volunteer at this time.

The deadline for consideration in 2013 is February 28. Later responses will be held for consideration in 2014.