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Graduate School Assembly Update

The Graduate Student Assembly has hit the ground running this semester.

The Facilities and Healthcare Committee is working with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) to reevaluate the current dental care options provided to Yale graduate students. The committee continues to press the administration on providing healthcare coverage to students doing domestic research away from Yale and New Haven. The Transit and Security Committee is working with the office of Environmental Health and Safety to foster discussions with graduate students about laboratory safety across campus. The Academics and Professional Development Committee is advocating for graduate students’ concerns about the possibilities of increased online education. In addition, the committee is beginning to organize a teaching forum for graduate students across the university.

GSA continues to work to build bridges with other on-campus student governments. In a first, GSA is spearheading a project that brought together representatives of GSA, GPSS, and Yale College Council (YCC). Representatives from all three groups met in HGS to begin discussing the advantages of a common student space on campus. While the idea is in very preliminary stages, stayed tuned for updates!

— Lauren Tilton (American Studies), GSA chair