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GSA Update, November 2012

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is thrilled to announce several important initiatives that have come to fruition in the past couple of months that will greatly benefit the graduate student community.

Members of the Facilities and Healthcare Committee have been working to provide students needing legal advice with new, affordable options. Starting in November, the New Haven County Bar Association will hold monthly free “Ask-a-Lawyer” sessions for graduate students. Additionally, working with the General Counsel, the Facilities and Healthcare Committee has assembled a list of New Haven attorneys who have agreed to provide graduate students with free initial consultations, as well as reduced hourly rates for those who retain their services. Further information will soon be available on the GSA’s website.

The Transit and Security Committee has put together and disseminated the Intersection Safety Report, which provides the City of New Haven with a prioritized list of dangerous intersections throughout the Yale campus. It calls on the City to address the problems at these intersections and create appropriate road safety infrastructure. The report can be found on the committee’s web page.

In other news, the Academics and Professional Development Committee has been collaborating with Assistant Dean Robin Ladouceur in an effort to merge and redesign the GSAS and University-wide Grants Databases so as to facilitate the search and application processes for graduate students seeking supplementary funding for their research.

Finally, the GSA has re-launched the Common Grounds program to help promote good mentoring and communication between graduate students and faculty. The program offers free coffee vouchers to GSAS students who wish to meet with members of the Yale faculty to discuss any ideas or concerns pertaining to academic and professional matters. These vouchers can be requested via email from the GSA’s treasurer and can be redeemed at the Blue Dog Café, Bass Library Café, KBT Café or Marigold.

— Ksenia Sidorenko (Comparative Literature)