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The GSAA Executive Committee, the alumni leadership board for the Graduate School, is now seeking alumni who would like to serve a three-year term beginning July 1, 2012. The Committee meets twice a year in New Haven to advise the Dean and the staff of the Association of Yale Alumni regarding the Graduate School’s relationship with the alumni community. GSAA leaders collaborate on special projects to achieve greater involvement of alumni within the University, playing an active role in sponsoring events for Graduate School alumni in their local regions. Six GSAA officers and members serve on the selection committee for the Wilbur Cross Medal each year. GSAA members also serve as delegates representing the Graduate School at the AYA Fall Assembly.

Alumni of all eras, academic disciplines, professions and geographic locations are represented on the GSAA board. Committee members for 2011-2012 include six alumni with PhDs from 2001 onward, as well as alumni representing all decades from the 1960s onward. The board consists of twenty alumni members, four officers, four or more ex officio voting members and two non-voting advisory trustees. Terms for members are three years. Six or seven new members are selected from among a list of volunteers each year at our spring meeting.

If you would be interested in serving the Graduate School in this capacity, please send an email to Faye Maison at the Association of Yale Alumni. Please include a paragraph or two about yourself, including your current activities and interests, as well as your thoughts about your connection with the Graduate School as an alumna or alumnus. It would help the committee to have some sense of why and how you would like to volunteer at this time.

The deadline for consideration in 2012 is February 28. Later responses will be held for consideration in 2013.

The GSAA looks forward to hearing from those of you who would like to become more involved.