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Whiting Fellowship Dinner Celebrates Research in the Humanities

Whiting Fellowships are among the most prestigious student honors awarded in the United States. Funded by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation, these fellowships are given to a small number of students at seven universities that have outstanding graduate programs in the humanities.

At Yale, a faculty committee appointed by the Dean selects the very best students from among those who have been nominated by their departments to be Whiting Fellows. This year's cohort was honored at a dinner with their faculty advisors and Dean Pollard on October 28.

Whiting Fellows group picture

Lauren Pearlman, Professor Jean-Christophe Agnew, Professor Dolores Hayden, Francesca Ammon, Alex Silverman, Maria Clara Iglesias, Professor Alastair Minnis, Megan Eckerle, Professor Katie Trumpener, Anthony Domestico, Aleksandar Stevic, Fiona Robinson, Professor Noel Valis, Professor Pericles Lewis, Wan Tang, Dean Thomas Pollard, Sara Fieldston and Professor Joanne Meyerowitz gathered for a celebratory dinner at the Union League Cafe on October 28.

Whiting Fellows 2011-2012

Francesca Ammon
American Studies
Waging War on the Landscape:
    The Culture of Clearance in Postwar America

Dolores Hayden, Advisor

Anthony Domestico
English Language and Literature
Theologies of Crisis in British Interwar Literature
Amy Hungerford and Pericles Lewis, Advisors

Megan Eckerle
English Language and Literature
Memory and the Middle English Visionary Narrative
Jessica Brantley and Alastair Minnis, Advisors

Sara Fieldston
Saving the Boys and Girls of the World:
    American Efforts to Assist Children Overseas,

Joanne Meyerowitz, Advisor

Maria Clara Iglesias
Italian Language and Literature
The Trinitarian Language of the Soul:
    Dante’s Theological Virtues and the Ethical Self

Giuseppe Mazzotta, Advisor

Sarah Kinkel
Building a Fighting Machine: War, Society, Empire
    and the Rise of the British Navy, 1725-1775

Steven Pincus, Advisor

Yii-Jan Lin
Religious Studies
The Erotic Life of Manuscripts: A Study of the History
    of New Testament Textual Criticism and the
    Biological Sciences

Dale Martin, Advisor

Lauren Pearlman
African American Studies and American Studies
From Federal City to Chocolate City:
    National Narratives and Local Struggles
    in Washington, D.C. 1948-1978

Jean-Christophe Agnew and Glenda Gilmore, Advisors

Fiona Robinson
English Language and Literature
Raising the Dead: Writing Lives and Writing Wars
    in Britain, 1914-1940

Margaret Homans and Katie Trumpener, Advisors

Alex Silverman
One and the Same Theory: Spinoza on Attributes
    and the Mind-Body Relation

Michael Della Rocca, Advisor

Devin Singh
Religious Studies
God’s Coin: On Monetary and Divine Economies
Kathryn Tanner, Advisor

Aleksandar Stevic
Comparative Literature
Falling Short: Failure, Passivity, and the Crisis
    of Self-Fashioning in the European Novel 1830-1927

Maurice Samuels and Katie Trumpener, Advisors

Wan Tang
Spanish and Portuguese
Haunting Modernity: The Fantastic Short Story
    in Nineteenth-Century Spain

Noel Valis, Advisor

Nathalie Wolfram
English Language and Literature
Novel Play: Gothic Performance and the Making
    of Eighteenth-Century Fiction

Dolores Hayden, Advisor